Jock Box: Alec Chapa

Alec Chapa

Name: Alec Chapa, Junior
JV Cross Country

Who inspired you to play your sport?
My friend Ben, I ran with him and I did a lot better than I expected and that kinda boosted my confidence. And I really liked running so I didn’t want to quit

What is the best thing about your sport?

There’s not one best thing, but the best thing for the sport it self, it’s really easy to do it, it keeps you in shape, and it’s very easy to improve: you just run. It’s very enjoyable, especially when you get to this point, I call it flow, it’s where your running at your best pace, your not killing your self but you not running slow. You just feel like you can just run like that for 10 miles, it’s like perfect synchronization.

About the team were like a family, I really like that.

When did you begin playing your sport?
The end of last year I started running a little bit, but I joined this year, and I joined a little late like a week after school started.

What was the most exciting thing about the first game/match
You get to run past everyone, it’s like visualizing your progress. You can be like I’m passing that guy up as we speak, you get to see your progress.

What will be the worst thing about the last game/match
The fact that I’m not going to get to see the seniors after they leave, cross country is going to be over. We will still be running, but it’s not like we will be waking up at 6 in the morning, it’s just cross country season will be over.

What lessons have you learned in sports that you will take with you in your future?
I learned to believe myself, to know I can do it, if I try and just do it. Sometimes through commitment you get more than what you expect, I didnt think I was a really good runner, but now I’m considered for a varsity spot.

Tell me a story about the most memorable thing that has happened in your sport this year?
Every single time I run is the most memorable time. When your running you can hear everyone around you, its like a stampede. I’m just singing my favorite songs in my head. Just every meet is the most memorable time.

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