‘Dearly Departed’ Delights at Lee Black Box

This past weekend (October 12-16th) The Allied Campus Theatre put on a wonderful production of Dearly Departed. This was a show about a family that has grown apart, and how a death in the family brings them together.

The leads were played by Tori Hidalgo, Cosmo Albrecht and Brandon Mikneus. When Bud, the father of this quite spread family dies of old age, the family must come together and figure out what to do with their dearly departed, as well as solve their own problems of a cheating husband, a sinning son, and one almost family. You can read a description of the show here.

Brandon Mikneus as Ray-Bud Turpin getting into a fight with his younger brother Junior.

Ross Halfant as Royce proving that you can come from a Christian family and change.

Brandon Mikneus as Bud Turpin with Tori Hidalgo as Raynelle Turpin sitting down to breakfast before Bud dies.


After the run of the show I got a chance to sit down with the Stage Manager of the show, Jon Ontiveros.

Bugle Call: How did the run of the show go?

Jon O: The show began really slowly without a whole lot of potential. Then the people began to settle into the routine of rehearsal, and you began to see the energy that was being put in. When show date rolled around everything went really well.

B.C: What was the worst thing that happened at one of the shows?

J.O: The first night of the show we had like seven things break in the background. That was pretty bad.

B.C: Do you enjoy being involved in the Lee theatre? What is your favorite thing to do?

J.O: Very much so! I enjoy doing tech, and I really like lights.

B.C: Are you looking forward to the next show?

J.O: Oh yes! I think Little Shop of Horrors is going to be fun.

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