Jock Box: Joe Uribe

Joe Uribe

As the fall sports come to a close, winter sports get ready. Here’s a look at Vols basketball.
Name: Joe Uribe
Position: Shooting Guard
Team: Varsity Starter
Jersey Number: 10

Who inspired you to play basketball?
“No one really. “I guess I can say my dad because when I was little he played with me, and ever since then.”

What is the best thing about your sport?
“Thats it’s basketball; plain and simple.”

When did you begin playing?
“Umm, I would say like in elementary.  I never wanted to stop playing since then.”

What was the most exciting thing about the first game you ever played?
“That I was actually on a real team and not just outside playing”

What will be the worst thing about the last game?
“That I won’t ever be able to play it again.”

What lessons have you learned in sports that you will take with you in your future?
“To always work hard in anything you do, and in what you put you get out.”

Tell me a story about the most memorable thing that has happened in your sport this year?
“That over the sumer I was able to help this freshman make the basketball team this year.  He was not good at all but he was so committed and I just help him with little stuff that make a big difference and he made the team.  So that a good thing that happened this year.”

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