Top 10 Retro Style RPG Games

Here’s a quick look at the top 10 Retro Style RPG Games. Don’t forget to vote in the poll at the bottom.

10-Golden Sun series: A good game with a interesting level up system. the game play is basic you go around complete your objective and in the process gain new techniques and levels.

9-Dimension Neptunia– this game has a good and creative dungeon system. The  game also has an original game idea which is based on the console wars. (In case you don’t know the console wars was PS3 vs. X-Box 360 vs. the Wii)

8-Tales of series– The Tales of series is a series of games that start with Tales of in front of their name. The game play is good and the battle system is differentthen most rpg. Unfortunatelyyou only get to control 1 character in battle out of 4, but the game has good multi-player game play.

7-Summon Night series–  The Summon Night series is another game with a different battle system. As you are going through the story line and encounter enemies you can really notice the battle system. The battle system is almost like playing an actual fighting games, but not only does it have this battle system it has a good storyline to.

6-Disgaea- Disgaea is a good tactical rpg, but only if you’re into those kinds of rpgs. Disgaea allows you to fight with the main characters as well as the characters you can create. The leveling system is ridiculous with the max level being 9999 and the fact you’re able to hit over a trillion damage.

5-Fire Emblem– is a good tactical rpg. Fire Emblem games usually have really good story lines. They have a realistic factor that your weapons can break. Also if on of your characters die in battle you lose them forever.

4-Final Fantasy- An originalthat made rpg popular and saved the game company that made it. It’s a basic run around fight and go through the story game, but it has a good replay value.

3-The Legend of Zelda– An good game where you go around and fight monsters. you’ll end up progressing through the story and getting new items to progress.

2-Dragon Quest– a good run around fight monster rpg. You can capture monsters, and progress through what is almost always a good story.

1-ChronoTrigger- A good and original game that revolutionized the rpg world. The battle system was different, the level system was different as well. The storyline is excellent, and the repaly value is infinite due to it’s new game+ feature.

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