Top 5 Racing Game Series

Alright let’s talk about the top 5 racing game series known to man.

To start out, there’s ForzaMotorsports. The first game of the series was released on may 5, 2005 and had 3 sequels. The series is developed by turn 10 studios and produced by microsoft game studios. The games are more based around pro circuit racing and competition racing rather than street racing. The Forza series caters to all kinds of car fanatics like tuners, hot rodders, and super car fans. So even if you just want to casually race your Honda Civic or pro race your Enzo Ferrari this game could be for you.

Next lets discuss Gran Turismo, the hit racing game developed by Polyphony Digital and produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. Like Forza Motorsports, Gran Turismo is also a circuit racer. The first game of the series was released december 23, 1997 and now has 5 sequels. Gran Turismo’s latest addition to the series by far has the largest car selection in a racing game at the time. The customization options in this game are limited compared to Forza Motorsports but both games have a lot of similarities. So if you like pro circuit racing this game might be for you.

Now it’s time for Need for Speed. Need for Speed is a street racing game with police evasion fun. Developed by EA and published by EA. Need For Speed is everything Forza and Gran Turismo isn’t. In Need For Speed you can run from the cops, pick up a illegal street race, or even get into the pro circuit. The series is based around many different racing scenes like drag racing and drifting. So if you want to be above the law and outrun the cops NFS is the game for you.

Next on the list is Burnout. Burnout is developed by EA, Criterion Games, and  Visual Impact and is produced by Acclaim Entertainment, and EA. This game is the game that has strayed from the beaten path by making wrecking your car actually part of the game. The wrecking of other cars and the bigger the pile up the more points you can get. This game is extremely addicting if i do say so myself.

Now for the final game, it’s dorky stupid fun, Mario Kart. The first release of this game was in 1992 and latest release in 2011. this game takes all of your favorite Super Mario character and puts them in fast little go karts. With items like turtle shells and bananas you can sabotage your opponents. The games is like war on wheels, doing everything you can to get up to first place. They have several different cups and 3 classes, 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. If you like dorky racing action this game is the game for you.


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