What’s Wrong With the English Language?

As instant messaging and texting emerged, scholars bemoaned the end of the English language. They worried that proper English was dead and the era of shortcuts and text language would replace it.

Is the evolution of the English language such a bad thing?

When I look back in history at advertisements and slogans, I see a language not exactly like ours. Looking at modern advertisements, I see the same thing.

This is not just the texting shortcuts of a busy society who don’t have time to type out the word “you, ” but is also the age of cleverness.

Merchants looking to sell their product or service create a clever name for themselves that doesn’t meet with correct spelling standards. It’s been done for years with words like EZ, but as of late, it’s much more common with site names such as tumblr and flickr.

I think we are experiencing the change of the English language and some will go kicking and complaining into the future. Others will embrace it and learn to spell like they are hip, or, dare I say, kool.

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