What’s on Your iPod?

This past week I got the chance to interview one of the NESA Cinema students about their favorite type of music. I asked Devin to list me ten bands that he really liked and I got down to the questions.

Bugle Call: What is your favorite song by Florence + The Machine?

Devin Woodard: I really like Dog Days Are Over, and thats about it.

BC: What impact has James Blake made on your life?

DW: James Blake…he blew my mind and made me like electronic music.

BC: What are some of your favorite song lyrics?

DW: ” My brother and my sister dont speak to me, but I don’t blame them…” – James Blake; I Never Learnt To Share

BC: What is your Favorite Coheed & Cambera song?

DW: The Willing Well For (Final Cut) off Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

BC: Who or what really got you into Paramore?

DW: My sister really liked them, then Selah Gave me a CD, and it just kinda went from there.

BC: How did you get into The Black Keys?

DW: Really by accident, I just stumbled upon them one day and I like them, a lot.

BC: Favorite song by Cold War Kids?

DW:  St. John

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