Top 5 Fighting Games

5. Dragon Ball Z: is a fun fighting game series based on the hit TV show Dragon Ball Z. It has a fun fighting system with moves that come from the show. You can also play as all of your favorite characters.

4. Marvel v. Capcom: A fun game series with some of the most popular characters from both the Marvel and Capcom universes. It has a team battle system consisting of three people team. Each character has their own moves and hyper combos.

3.Mortal Combat: A classic game with good basic battle style. despite the basic battle style this game has, it still takes skill to pull off the combos. This game is always fun, and it’s a series that almost always produce good games.

2. Soul Caliber: is a good series consisting of a 3D fighting environment. It’s series has always been good. Then, when it hit the 4th game, they added character customization, making it one of the best ever.

1. Super Smash Brothers: A really good fighter with an original battle system other games don’t have. The game also has alot of popular nintendo characters to play as and fight against. the game is fun for endless hours after getting it and, even years later, it can still be considered fun. The 3rd game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, even brought its own storyline to the game.

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