Student Spotlight: Tomas Maldonado, The Little Trumpet Player That Could


Senior Tomas Maldonado

A sixth grader at Jackson middle school, the little trumpet player Tomas Maldonado, now a senior, had yet to realize how far his musical talents could bring him.

“My first show was in the school cafeteria at Jackson for honors band. That was the year I learned how to play trumpet. One of the three instruments I know how to play.” (Trumpet, Electric guitar, Ukulele)

Everyone has that one inspirational person in their life. It could be an actor,model,singer etc. Tomas’s inspiration to be in music was our very own assistant band director Mr.Hugo Escobedo, who soon became Tomas’s mentor.

In just a short time, Tomas took the initiative to be in the Lee band and Jazz band, along with being in a band outside of school named 7 Days, in which he plays electric guitar and trumpet.

“I’m in a christian band, but I’ll play all types of music,” Tomas said

Through a few short months, Tomas has won first chair in the Jazz All State competition, preformed at competitions for band, and has done performances with the band 7 Days.

“When we were playing Worship in the Park, it had actually been the second year we played for them, and I had been playing my guitar all day. I hadn’t touched my trumpet at all; no warm-up, nothing. I was kind of worried about our final song,” Tomas said

Then it came to their final song, one of their originals, that he plays trumpet in. He recalls his experience playing the final song: “I just started falling apart all over the place. I was missing notes, my values weren’t oiled.. overall it was a horrible run through, but it just reminded me I could always use more practice.”

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