5 Reasons To Buy Battlefield 3

The war between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 still rages on. With each game being better then the other in some way, here are 5 reasons to buy Battlefield 3.

1 Realism: Battlefield is an all around more realistic game then MW3. If you wanted a game that felt more like a war, then get Battlefield 3. With the gun sounds and destruction of buildings, the game feels so right.

2 Vehicles: Battlefield is always praised for its vehicle gameplay and Battlefield 3 represents that with new vehicles and vehicle “Perks”. Jets have been added back along with new tanks, and helicopters.

3 Large Team Games and Map Size: Battlefield is suited more towards the “team player.” With 24 players on console and 64 on PC the best thing to do is to join one of many squads and think about your next moves. The large map sizes complement the ability to go far and wide with many flanking routes.

4 Sniping: In Call of duty the snipers have to hold their breath to steady the sniper scope. This is something that is implemented in most shooter games that have sniper rifles. In battlefield the snipers must control their breathing along with adjusting for the gravity affecting their bullets.

5 Weapon Customization: Battlefield 3’s weapon customization resembles what Medal of Honor had. With three attatchment slots and over 20 different attatchments, there is a custom weapon for every situation.

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