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It’s been a week since the release of the new Dragon Ball Z game, so I’m going to make a list of my favorite 10 characters (not including the fusions) and make a poll so y’all can vote for your favorite.

10: Uub- Was an awesome character, but unfortunately he wasn’t introduced till the last episode of Dragon Ball Z and later appeared in Dragon Ball GT. Uub was the reincarnation of Kid Buu. After the last episode of Dragon Ball Z Uub was trained by Goku and later on he partakes in some major fights. Later in the serieshe combines with Buu to become more powerful. Uub survives to the end of the series.

9: GinyuForce- Despite their short appearance in the show the Ginyu Force were a set of funny characters. The team consists of Galdo, Recoome, Burter, jeice, and Ginyu. These sets of characters came in during the Frieza saga and were Frieza’s henchmen. Galdowas a character who had Psychic powers and he can freeze time when he holds his breath. He battled against Gohan and Krillin and dispite of his advantage in the battle Vegeta later comes and decapitates him. Recoome was literally all brawn and he battled Goku when he first came to the planet and is later killed by VegetaBurter was very fast and had seemily unmatchable speed. He is later killed by Goku in one hit. Jeice didn’t reallyhave a chance to show his powers. Goku gave him a chance to escape, but Vegeta killed him anyway later on. Ginyu wasn’t to powerful but he had the ability to swap bodies which he used to take Goku’s body. After fighting Vegeta he tries to take Vegeta’s body, but gets the body of a frog instead.

8: Cooler- The brother of Frieza who went to the planet Earth to avenge  him. He uses a lot of moves Freiza uses including Death Beam. Cooler also transforms to another form unknown to Frieza In his stronger form, he starts to beat Goku, till Goku turns Super Sayian. As a last resort, he tries to destroy the Earth, but Goku destroys him by using the kamehameha wave. He returns two other times in other movies and is killed later on.

7: Cell- Was a cyborg created by Dr. Gero. Cell was ment to absorb the other androids to become more powerful. He ends up fighting Android 17 and absorbs him to reach his second form. He then finds Android 18 which Vegeta lets him absorb. He was too strong in his final form that he made the cell games to give the fighters of earth to defend the earth. During the cell games he fights Goku, and then later fights Gohan. When Gohan tells him about his hidden powers, Cell tries to awaken them because he wanted to fight someone strong. Cell ends up killing android 16 which makes Gohan angry, turning him into Super Saiyan 2. Gohan’s powers proved to be too much for Cell to handle, and Gohan ends up making him barf out Android 18 which turns Cell to his second form. knowing He’s beat he tries to blow himself up along with the world. Goku teleports him away to another place saving the earth, but Cell returns in his perfect form and in his new form he is able to fight Gohan. In the end Gohan and Cell both use the kamehameha wave and they were almost equally matched. due to the interference of vegeta Gohan gets the advantage and kills cell.

6: Buu- Buu was a villian revived by Babidi. He is a fat pink gooey monster in his first form. Buu’s first form didn’t cause too much problem and later kills Babidi and befriends  Hercule. When he befriended Hercule, his evil self separated from him. He then battled his evil self and lost, the evil Buu then battled Gotenks a fusion of Trunks and Goten. Dispite Gotenks’s advantage they were pretending to lose, so Piccolo destroyed the only entrance way out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Buu, slowing going insane, finds a way to escape the chamber. He is later confronted by Piccolo and Gotenks who also escape. In the battle, Buu absorbs Piccilo and Gotenks to become stronger where he is confronted by Gohan. Equally matched, Goku later comes tohelp. Goku uses potra earrings with gohan (fusing them permanently) but the gotenks fusion in Buu unfuses, weakening him. Goku now sees a chance and decides not to fuse with Gohan, but Buu absorbs Gohan. Vegeta comes back after that and fuses with Goku using the earrings forming Vegito. Vegito was too strong for Buu to beat, but he absorbs him. Inside Buu Goku and Vegeta unfuse which while within Buu they destroy him from the inide, but this backfires because despite the fact they rescued their friends Buu transformed into his strongest form Kid Buu. After Kid Buu formed he destroyed the earth and killed every except Goku, Vegeta, Hercule, and the newly revived Fat Buu. Battling against kid Buu was too difficult and they ended getting a message to namek where the people on that planet wished for the earth to come back and everyone on it. with that Goku charges the spirit bomb and kills Kid Buu. In GT Fat Buu lives with Hercule and protects him, but in the end to try and save the world he sacrificed himself to fuse with Uub and make him stronger.

5: Trunks- He was originally a character who was from the future to help them against the android and save the future. Despite this he wasn’t much help he still was a main character and helped in his own way. After he goes back to the future he ends up being born and grows up. During the Buu saga he fuses with Goten to form Gotenks and they fought Buu. In the end they were absorbed by Buu.In GT he is a minor character who plays a small role in helping Goku.

4: Goten– Almost a complete minor character. He is Goku’s second son and a decent character. Like i mentioned before he fuses with Trunks and is later absorbed by Buu. He hardly shows up in GT and becomes a minor character. He is only four on my list because of the games.

3: Goku- The main character of the show, he starts off battling Raditz with Piccolo. He dies after that battle and then later comes back to life. After he comes back, he beats Nappa and then battles Vegeta. Vegeta almost kills him but he saved by Gohan. He later goes Namek. There he fought and defeated 4 members of the Ginyu force. He then fought Frieza. After Frieza killed Krillin Goku turned Super Sayian and completely over powered Frieza. Goku’s fight went on till the planet of Namek blew up. Goku later returned to assist in the fight against the androids, but due to a virus he couldn’t help much. before the cell games Goku helped train Gohan and was also the first to fight Cell, but he gave up and let Gohan take over. When Cell was going to blow himself up with the planet Goku teleported Cell away to save the earth, but he died. He later came back in the Buu saga to fight in the worlds martial arts tournament, but when Buu came in the picture he went to try and stop his revival. Vegeta ended up getting in the way and Buu was revived. Goku confronted BUu which is when he first turned super sayian 3, but because he was still technically dead he was sent back before he could finish the battle. When he came back to fight again he fused with Vegeta to form Vegito. Despite their advantage they let themselves be absorbed so they could rescue their friends. when they escaped Kid Buu was formed and he destroyed the world. They ended up going to another planet to fight Buu. They got the people on Namek to bring back the earth. With the earth back Goku formed the spirit bomb and killed Buu. After words Goku meets Uub and trains him. In GT he turned back to a kid and is unable to turn back. In the end he battles Omega Shenron and beats him with spirit bomb.

2: GohanAt the beginning of the series he was a kid and assisted in some of the battles slightly but he still wasn’t much help. In his teens he battled Cell for the fate of the world. After he tells cells about his hidden powers, Cell does everything he can to make Gohan use those powers, and when Gohan finally releases them, he becomes super sayian 2 and completely over powers Cell in the end when Cell tries to destroy himself with the earth Goku saves them by teleporting Cell away, but Cell comes back and stronger then ever. getting in an evenly matched battle with Gohan it ended up coming down to their kamehameha. With the help of his friends Gohan gets the advantage and kills Cell. Later years he was fighting to uphold justice as Great Sayaman. He later entered the worlds martial arts tournament and gets caught up in the battle with Buu. When he first fights Buu he lost and was teleported to another world there he was trained by Elder Kai. When he got back he was stronger then Buu, but because Goku distracted him he was absorbed. In GT he is only a minor character and doesn’t do much.

1: Vegeta- Vegeta first came in as a villian, but he was defeated, later coming back as Goku’s rivial. He works for Frieza, but plans betray him. He later fights the ginyu force and then is killed by frieza. He is brought back to life later and leaves to train. He comes back when the androids attack and loses to android 18. He later trains with trunks to become stronger, and then he confronts Cell. Although stronger then Cell, Cell had absorbed Android 18 Cell and became stronger. Vegeta shoots the final blast to disrupt Cell, so Gohan could gain advantage and win. In the Buu saga he tries to beat Goku, so he helps revive Buu. In the end he tries to correct his mistake and sacrifices himself to try and kill Buu. When he is brought he fuses with Goku to form Vegito. During the fight with Kid Buu he distracted Buu to allow Goku to charge his spirit bomb. In GT he gets possessed by an alien parasite. He is saved by Goku and later on fuses with Goku to form Gogeta in the battle against omega Shenron.

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