Top 5: Pokemon In Its Prime

Proof that Game Freak has run out of ideas: Druddigon (photo from:

If you are a teenager, you have either owned or played, a Pokemon game. You were on the quest to beat gym leaders, raise Pokemon, and-most importantly- catch ’em all.

But that was then; now the Pokemon games have become a series of rehashed storylines and battles, with some weird creatures thrown in (the Epic Fail Pokemon, Druddigon.) So let’s forget how short Pokemon Black and White versions were, and remember the good times with a countdown of the best:

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5. Pokemon Red Version: (wiki) This was the game that began the phenomenon. Today, the game may seem dull and boring, but was considered a fresh idea in the late 90’s. Millions of kids thought battling, training, catching, and trading cool creatures to be cool to. Accessing the cheat codes and glitches to your advantage is a benefit, too.

4. Pokemon Ranger: Does your touch screen have those continuous circles on it from trying to catch critters like a ranger? If yes, then you’ve also captured Pokemon by encicrling them with your stylus, meanwhile using Pokemon abilities to make capturing easier. Players must capture and utilize these abilities to clear the story mode. With the exception of your partner Pokemon, the animals are realeased once they are done helping out.

3. Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness: A visual improvement from its predecessor, Colliseum, Gale of Darkness isn’t the series’ most traditional RPG. Players must catch evil shadow Pokemon and purify the darkness in their hearts, all while battling trainers. The  storyline and gameplay have what the banal Battle Revolution lacks.

2. Pokemon HeartGold and Soulsilver:  This game takes me back to the glory days of the franchise, especially with the 8-bit music feature and the adorably tiny Pokemon following you around. Now including impressive graphics and great touch-screen capability, folks young and old will enjoy it.

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1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:

Another RPG revolution for its time, players of this game didn’t train the Pokemon; they were the Pokemon. Players’ objectives were to battleother critters in ever-changing Mystery Dungeons to accomplish rescue missions, jobs, and beat story mode, earnig rank points meanwhile.

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