Dear Mom and Dad…

The first time I have ever lied is forever embedded in my mind. And, it occurred out of boredom

What’s worse than a bored kid? A bored kid with scissors.

I will admit that I was pretty weird kid when I was younger. I was obsessed with dinosaurs and animals, I would cut my own hair, and I would walk around my house, singing a song that I made up. I was home one day, with my older sister babysitting me while my dad was taking a nap. My sister obviously did not do a good job of babysitting, since she wasn’t even paying attention to me.  Having freedom from any supervision, I went to the office. But instead of logging onto the computer, I grabbed a pair of scissors.

With the scissors in hand, I put my face close to the mirror, as if I was going to tweeze my eyebrows, except I had the intent of cutting other facial hair. I put the scissors up to my eye and SNIP!

I had unsuccessfully cut my eyelashes. I did however succeed in slicing a part of my eyelid.

My eyesight was blinded by crimson blood, as I dropped the scissors and started screaming. Both my sister and I, freaking out, ran to my parents room and woke up my dad.

After my eyelid had stopped bleeding and peace had settled back on our house, my dad asked me the big question, “How did you cut your eyelid?”

Then, out of embarrassment, I told my first lie.
“I just um… scratched my eye with my finger.”
I was very believable apparently since to this day, my parents do still not know the real truth.

The scar on my eyelid is still there, but the scar of the lie is also still present.

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