Lee Looks Style Blog: Jose Montelongo

photo by Katherine Garcia

Name: Jose Montelongo       Grade: Senior

1. What are you wearing?

“A leather jacket, a military polo, jeans, and brown shoes. And don’t forget my murse. It’s part of me.”

photo by Katherine Garcia

2. How much did you get your outfit for and where?

“This jacket I’ve had since I was eight. Jeans were $25 at Sears…Pretty much everything I’m wearing is from Sears. And my murse, I’ve had it since 5. It was my mom’s; I kidnapped it from her. We’ve had so many memories together.”

3. What does fashion mean to you?

“Fashion is a way of liberating your brain. You hear of artists visualizing their art, but with fashion it’s a futuristic form of art. Fashion designers visualize the form or look and make it so a person can wear their art.”

photo by Katherine Garcia


4. Do you have any fashion inspirations?

“Yes, I do. First, it’s a mixture of rock and roll with preppy kid. Lady Gaga, Cyndi  Lauper, and Muggler also inspire me. I love really eccentric people.”

5. How does this outfit make you feel?

“This outfit brings back memories, is both comfortable, and on the go. I feel comfortable in my identity as a teenager as well.”

Get Jose’s Look Here:


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What do you think of Jose’s look? Who do you think we should interview next?

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