Take The Journey ‘Across the Universe’

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What does it take to survive on a ship fueled by lies?


That’s only one of the questions first-time novelist Beth Revis poses in Across the Universe. This debut novel, the first in a trilogy, is packed full of amazing visuals, dialogue, and storytelling.

In a not-to-distant future, Amy and her parents are cryogenically frozen aboard a spaceship. They will reach the Earth-like planet in 300 years.However, Amy is thawed out and left to die. She awakens to the harsh reality of the ship: the planet is 50 years away, people onboard are numb to emotion, and artificial light is the “sun.” She meets Elder, the future leader of the ship who starts to question both his seemingly perfect world and its ruler Eldest.

Together, the teenagers uncover dark secrets about the ship, its people, and their future. What makes the people so emotionless? What really happened in the Plague? Who is killing the ship’s people?

Although the book raises these questions and more, readers will want to stay along for the ride. The author successfully combines the genres of science fiction, dystopia, and mystery to create suspense in a well-written story.

This great read is available in paperback at your local library. The sequel, A Million Suns, is out in January.

Excerpt from Across the Universe by Beth Revis

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