Get An Agenda, Get Ahead

As students, we all share the dread of falling behind or having piled up work.  I’ve recently learned that managing your own agenda helps you keep assignments and important dates organized. Being organized goes a long way, and can help you prevent things like that from happening. Now, I’m not advising you blow your money on a digital palm pilot. A basic notebook should do the job. How many times have you showed up to class and you didn’t bring your book or do your homework.
]This may not be out of just laziness. You could’ve genuinely forgot you had to bring the book or homework. While we aknowledge this isn’t a good thing, let me reassure you, this happens! This school year, I bought myself a small memo book to keep me on track. My handy dandy memo pad has yet to fail me. If I have a test Friday or a paper due Tuesday, you bet its recorded to remind me.

This is just a small step that can help you out tremendiously with a little effort. With the new semester rolling in, it’s a perfect time to start getting organized. So get an agenda, and get ahead 🙂

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