Juliette Lewis and The Licks Band Review

Juliette Lewis has been acting for a while and can do just about any genre wonderfully. From her dramatic roles like in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? alongside Johnny Depp and future star Leonardo DiCaprio, to more raw and intense roles like in Natural Born Killers, she’s been all over the board.

Lewis is my favorite actress so I was interested when a friend told me she had her own punk band. I was already in love with her acting, so I was dying to hear her singing.

She gave us a sneak peek at her voice when she did a short, acapella number called “Born Bad” in Natural Born Killers and did a rendition of PJ Harvey’s “Hardly Wait” and “Rid of Me” in Strange Days. When we hear about any actors/actresses trying to be singers, we immediately know it’s going to be bad, but that isn’t the case with Juliette and her band.

Formed in 2003, Juliette and The Licks have 3 albums out: Like a Bolt of Lightning, Four on the Floor, and You’re Speaking My Language. I headed over to youTube and listened to every single track on all 3 albums and all I could say was, “This is good!” Lewis has a bittersweet, raspy voice that goes along with the soaring guitar and pounding drums and the brawling passion of Patti Smith. I guess I would describe The Licks as”AC/DC if they were girls”.

Sadly, The Licks broke up in 2009, so you probably won’t be seeing them live anywhere anymore. But don’t worry; Juliette’s still acting.

So for anyone who wants to listen to some new music, check out Juliette and The Licks. Who knows, you might become a fan.

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