New Policy on iPods, Phones, MP3s

Starting second semester, no headphones, no cell phones. A dramatic switch, but yes, that’s right. Mr. Cardona made the announcement on last week’s LeeTv, adding faculty and staff have noticed “unsettling” trends regarding iPods, MP3 players, and cell phones.

And due to those trends, these will be the rules until further notice by Cardona.

“The reality is that they (students) will bring them, but the teacher will determine the use in the class. Outside of class, students will NOT be allowed to have the earbuds on them during lunch or passing periods.  We (faculty) will be taking the items up from the students and parents will have to come up and pick the items up.  We ‘hate’ to take this approach but the issue has now become a defiance issue with some students and we are forced to take steps to ensure that education is the priority, not an earpiece or iPod.”

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