Freddy’s (Terrible) Restaurant Review

Rating: C-

Should you go: Come for the menudo, leave for the rest

Generally, I am a nice person. Who writes nice reviews about good restaurants. That being said, I want to say something nice about the restaurant, so here it is: the menudo’s good. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the rest of this “fine establishment.”

My parents and I decided to eat here because they served the so-called “Best Menudo in Town.” I like cow stomach and pig’s feet as much as the next person, but going here wasn’t worth the trip.

A place is only as good as its employees. And the employees here are less than kind. For one, they keep an eye on you while you’re trying to enjoy their menudo. Then, they charge you a $3.oo “sharing fee” on the all-you-can-eat soup. At least that explains the evil eye watching us, but the menu could’ve warned us.

My dad asked the cashier about the extra charge. She said it was correct, adding, “If it wasn’t for that extra charge, we’d be out of business.”

With the employees being rude and constantly giving you the eye, it’s no wonder the place was empty at noon.

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