How the Story of ‘Carrie’ Became a Classic

Halloween may be long over, but it’s never a bad time to read a good horror story.

Stephen King’s legendary first novel centers around Carrie White, a lonely, painfully awkward teenager who just doesn’t fit in. She has no confidence and no friends. At School, she endures her classmate’s constant ridicule. She lives in a creepy house, suffering endless psychological torture at the hands of her crazy mother.

But Carrie has a secret. She’s been gifted with the power of telekineses. And when her sadistic classmates pull a bloody prank on her at the Prom, they’ll all soon learn a deadly lesson: when you mess with fire, you will get burned. Literally.

As timely as it was written 33 years ago, neither Carrie nor her catastrophic High School Prom have been forgotten. The novel has since then spawned 3 movies and introduced Stephen King as “The Master of Horror”.

In 1976 (2 years after the novel’s publication), the film Carrie was released and became a cult classic, featuring actress Sissy Spacek’s phenomenal performance as the protagonist. During a survey taken in October 2008, it was revealed that Carrie was considered one of the most popular movies teens watched on Halloween. In 2002, a remake of Carrie was made (a version more faithful to the novel). In 1999, The Rage: Carrie 2 was released to little commercial success.

I have seen the movie about a zillion times before ever reading the book, but the novel gave me a completely different, and more horrifying, picture. This scary, sweet, and frightening novel is hard to put down and is guaranteed to chill you.

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