Art Winning Names Released

NESA Visual Art winners: 

Gold Keys

Holly Brown – Drawing
Zativa Johnson – Painting
William Salomone – Drawing
Hayden Sherman – Drawing  —– American Vision Nomiee,
Danielle Toral – photography
Hope Vinson – Mixed Media

Silver Key

Richard Bermudea – drawing
Holly Brown – drawing
Zativa Johnson – painting
Idmon Lopez – drawing
Hayden Sherman – drawing
Hope Vinson – drawing
Maribel Garcia – silver key portfolio winner

Honorable Mention

Holly Bronwn- drawing
Emily Garrett – drawing
Zative Johnson – painting
Mary Kuvet – drawing
Mary Kuvet – drawing  ( yes she received two Honorable Mentions)
Dylan Prince – drawing
Hayden Sherman – Drawing
Frank Musquiz – honorable mention art portfolio

NESA Cinema winners

Alex Villanueva     Honorable Mention    Short films: “Drum Roll Please” and “Stage 5: Acceptance”

Lee Art Winners

Gold Key

Abby Hinojosa      art portfolio

Silver Key

Katy Saurez           ind. entry

Honorable Mention

Abel Mendiola       ind. entry
Abel Mendiola       ind. entry
Marcus Garza       art portfolio
Carla Gonzales     photography en

Carla Gonzales's photo entry received an Honorable Mention.

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