Go Nuts At Logan’s Roadhouse

Rating? B-

Fried mushrooms with horseradish sauce

Should you go? Only if you don’t mind going a little nutty.

Logan’s Roadhouse has a new location across the Wal-mart on Jones-Maltsberger Road. Here, the atmosphere is friendly, the music is loud, and…the floor crackles with peanut shells. Free peanuts and fresh buttery bread are offered in place of the standard chips and salsa.

However, the fact that the empty shells are tossed to the floor and, “swept up at the end of the day,” remains a major unsanitary turn-off. Unless you have both a fondness for peanuts and a tolerance for a dirty floor, then this restaurant isn’t for you.

But, on a positive note, their famous steak entrees are worth trying.

Sana Fe Tilapia with mushrooms and macaroni

Another thing Logan’s Roadhouse knows how to do is mix it up. Start off with an appetizer, such as the fried mushrooms with horseradish sauce. (Shown above.) Besides the steak, another great entree is the Santa Fe Tilapia (shown left.) The fish, tender and thick, is tasty all by itself, but combine the chipotle sauce with tortilla chips and roasted corn, and it’s another delicious entity entirely.

Cool off during the meal with a fresh strawberry lemonade. Tea, fountain sodas, and other juices are also available.

Despite the peanuts being swept under the floor, this restaurant does serve some delicious entrees.

Steak and shrimp with a side baked potato

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