Much Ado About College

So you’ve received an acceptance letter to the college of your dreams. Now the question is…how are you going to pay for it? Don’t fret-here are some helpful tips and website links on how to fund your college of choice.

 These sites are easy sources for searching up scholarships. Users enter basic information such as name, email, major, and graduation date. The site compiles this information an suggests scholarships based on age, interests, and desired majors.

  • Career Center

New scholarships are added to the files at the career center often, so be sure to check in weekly.

  • Your parents place of business
  • Your local bank

Ask your parents and find out if their place of business offers any scholarships (and they probably do.) Also check your local federal credit union or food chain for scholarships. Wendy’s has an athletic scholarship available.



Another important source of funding is by filling out the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA.) Be sure to tell your parents to do their taxes early, so you can begin filling out the form online at   The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to obtain need-based financial aid.

And remember, if any of this seems confusing, you can always talk to your Career Counselor or visit Cafe College located on 131 El Paso Street, open Tuesday-Saturday. Go online for more info at: 

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