UIL Orchestra Fares Well at Region 12

Students competed in the Region 12 Orchestra Solo/Ensemble Contest this weekend.

The students perfromed their music in front of a judge and they were give scores from I (one) to V (five). The score of I is the best they can receive.

Will Goree, Devin Haney and Isaac Schutz will advanced to State competition in May.

In total, the competitors brought home seven I’s and four II’s. Here are their scores:

Qin Cai – II

Haley Alexander -I

Eric Flores -I

Shauntea Hanson -II

Isaac Schutz -I

Alejandro Esparza -I

Emily Woods -I

Will Goree -I

Will Goree and Devin Haney(Duet) -I

Eric Flores and Katie Sibley -II

Isaac Schutz and Paul Teszler -I

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