Student Spotlight: Marshall Badger ‘Draws’ Inspiration

When we asked senior Visual Artist Marshall Badger to show us her portfolio from the last three and a half years, she was excited to show us her work. I got the awesome chance to sit down with her and discuss her art, creative expression, and growth over the past 4 years. This portfolio spans from eighth grade to her art in the present.

When I sat down with Badger, she was doodling. Throughout our entire conversation, she continued to draw. She loves art and just can’t stop being creative. This is one of the unique things about being in NESA for Visual Arts. They learn to make art in all mediums, her favorite being paper and pencil. When I looked throughout her portfolio, there were not only plenty of  these types of drawings, but also some painted pieces and some done with charcoal.

Marshall Works Hard to Make her Next Deadline

There was a huge difference between her eight grade work and her work done throughout the beginnings of her senior year. Throughout her time at NESA, she has learned about matting artwork, doing gallery shows, and the importance of time management. The biggest difference between her art from then and now would be the shapes and things she drew. Her middle school art was more cartoony, and her art now is more an expression of the soul, her feelings, and the way she sees the world.

She has had her pieces shown at both the Blue Star and VASE (a regional art competition.)

We talked about her favorite things about NESA: the ample work time, always being able to get opinions, and the people she works with. We asked about where she gets the energy to do her art.

“I definitely drink a lot of caffeine and crank up the classical music on my iPod, ” Badger said.  “I also may or may not occasionally eat paint.”

“Her art is awesome,” gushes Mary Kuvet, a Junior Visual Artist.

Here is a quick look at a few of the pieces that she has showcased:

Getting Ready For First Friday

It’s clear that Marshall Badger is ready to graduate and continue doing what she loves for the rest of her life.

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