Tasty Treats Are Just Around the ‘Corner’

A loaded tuna-salad sandwich.

Rating: A-

 Should you go? Take a short drive to the Quarry for great variety at great prices.

For a modern take on the traditional cafe, try The Corner Cafe, located on 255 E. Basse Road. This restaurant offers a variety of tasty foods, such as salads, pasta, sanwiches, and coffee. Think the Panera bakery, but cheaper.

Start off your meal with a delicious fresh-squeezed lemonade. You won’t have much time to drink it, though-the food usually comes to your table quickly.

Cheesy Half-moon Ravioli

Order the tuna-salad sandwich (shown left) loaded with tuna salad, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese, served with chips and a pickle slice. Another tasty treat is the Half-Moon Ravioli (shown right.) This isn’t the Chef Boyardee from your childhood; it’s much better than that. Cheesy ravioli in the shape of a crescent moon is covered in marinara sauce, more cheese, and served with bread.

A turkey sandwich with tomato soup and chili.

Another great dish is the sandwich and soup combo (shown left.) You get a lovely dark-red tomato soup to dip your loaded turkey sandwhich in. Crunchy croutons spoil the tasty spices of the tomato soup, but can be easily removed. Or try the homemade chili sprinkled with cheese and served with a side of bread.

A variety of sweets is offered at the front counter.

Still hungry after eating all those tasty dishes? Then visit the bakery at the front counter. The variety of sweets (shown right) includes, chocolate-chip cookies, whoopie pies, lemon cake, cinammon rolls, and suger-covered brownies. Eat your sugary pastries in the restaurant, or take them to go.

If you happen to be seeing a movie at the Quarry Cinema, there’s no reason not to stop by the Corner Cafe. To sign up for online discounts, go here.

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