Student Spotlight: Josh Villegas Has the ‘Write’ Start

Sophomore Josh Villegas (photo by Katherine Garcia)

Although only a Sophomore, Creative Writer Josh Villegas has accomplished a lot in such a short time.

To start off, he is the founder of the school’s Gay Straight Alliance, which meets every Wednesday in Room M-

“What motivated me (to begin the Gay Straight Alliance) was the tragedy  that occurred with Seth Walsh and other teens who were killed,” Josh said. “It was so sad to hear that. I didn’t want that to happen to people here. I thought it was important to make a difference.”

When Villegas isn’t busy changing the world, he’s writing.

“Writing isn’t really a rhythmic pattern for me,” he said describing his writing habits. “Sometimes it happens once every hour or once every week. Sometimes I’ve gone a few weeks without writing anything.”

When he does get around to writing, Villegas sure knows what he’s doing He has also won many awards in his short writing career. He received Honorable Mention in Poetry Sophomore year and a Silver Key in Poetry his Freshman year. He has also been published in the 2012 Edition of NESA’s award winning literary magazine, The Mad Ones.

Where does he get the  inspiration for all of his pieces?

“My inspiration occurs as how one world go walking in the middle of the night,” Villegas said. “It’s quiet and there’s one sound you hear, one light. And I chase it; I form my own ideas around it. I make it my own.”

Josh Villegas works on one of his short stories in class. (photo by Katherine Garcia)

The best thing about Creative Writing, he says, is the freedom of expression.

“Being a Creative Writer, there’s this freedom you can’t compare to, the freedom to create,” he said. “You create this character or place you just fall in love with. It’s unique thing to experience.”

Being a writer has since become a part of his identity, which is why he has been able to become such a successful writer.

“I’ve always had a very curious collection of things to do,” Villegas said. “People find it weird, but I like to have conversations with people who aren’t there. I’m also usually narrating my life, even if I’m not doing anything interesting at the time. It’s a writer thing.”

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