Teacher of the Year Goes Down in History

Becoming an educator is the best thing you could do in this world. They take the time of day to help students learn and teach them what they need to know. Most teachers care for their students and show it, and we should appreciate all their hard work.

Ms. Gish is a wonderful teacher; she’s loved by all her students, family, and friends. She’s also one of the best teachers we have here at Lee High School, and we are so glad to have her with us. Teaching wasn’t her first career choice: she worked several jobs in the business world, but didn’t find any of them rewarding.

Ms. Gish helps a student with her assignment. (photo by Liliana Garcia)

After volunteering in an after school tutoring program, Ms. Gish noticed that she enjoyed working with students and felt an impact. Her love of teaching began from there. Just recently, she won the teacher of the year award.

“This award means so much to me,” she said. “I feel very honored and humbled to receive it. We have many wonderful teachers on campus, and their thoughts and opinions are truly meaningful. I feel very appreciative.”

Ms. Gish teaches U.S. History and is one of the sponsors of Student Council. In high school, she always enjoyed social studies and history. She loves to hear about the great stories and overcoming struggles, “History provides much guidance and inspiration. There is much to be learned from the past.”

She connects with her students who also find the time period interesting. Ms. Gish says, “I find World War II incredibly interesting.  I love to hear about the stories of sacrifice and bravery.”

One of her favorites quotes is by her favorite president Theodore Roosevelt, “The one thing I want to leave my children is an honorable name. It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

She respects his action and character, saying, I love this quote because it acknowledges the importance of character and tenacity. You must always strive for success and greatness.”

She can be described in three words: dedicated, compassionate, and hard-working. Of these admirable qualities her students love about her, she said, “I think these three traits I value, and I always strive to live my life according to these traits.”

Ms. Gish speaks highly of the students that inspire her every day: “I really enjoy my students.  They are incredibly kind, understanding, and compassionate.  I’m very proud of their accomplishments. I am very appreciative and thankful to teach at Lee. Nothing makes me happier than to know my students are working hard and making a difference.”

Student Shout-Out: Why do you like Ms. Gish?

“The energy she brings to the classroom is great; it really helps each student learn.” Bianca Gonzalez, 11th

“Because she’s awsome, the best teacher around, and also is a very understanding person. ” Sarah De La Cruz, 11th

“I love her because she’s good teacher and someone who’s there for you. She never excludes anyone, and because of her I realized how intresting history is.” Samantha Mendoza, 11th

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