“Courtney Love Killed My Pets!”

We all know Courtney Love’s got problems, but is she really a pet killer, too?

Her accuser? Her own daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

Mom and daughter have been at odds for quite a while now. From exchanging nasty words to each other on Facebook to Frances actually filing a restraining order against Love after they got into a physical fight. But things between the two seem to have come to blows when Frances claimed that Courtney was the cause of death of her precious dog and cat.

Frances claims her cat died after getting entangled in piles of  Courtney’s “Etsy fabrics, boxes of paperwork, trash and other possessions,” while her dog died after swallowing Courtney’s prescription pills.

In the restraining order, Courtney was ordered to stay away from Frances, her parental grandmother, Wendy O’ Conor, her aunt, Kimberly Cobain, and even France’s beloved new dog, Uncle Fester.

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