Spring Break: Coming Soon to a School Near You

Spring break is almost here. Although you may not have any plans yet, consider taking a trip to these great places during spring break.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a beautiful place made for a vacation it isn’t just a town or city it’s a dream vacation. It has many attractions, woderful places to shop till you drop, and amazing food. Or you can simply lay on the sand and enjoy the sun.


Atlanta, Georgia you can take your whole family to famous museums, go golfing, Art centers, parks, and just relax.

coca-cola factory

Country Club


South Padre, Texas down south is the best place to be during spring break. Everyone who goes there during this wonderful break has an awsome time their with friends & sometimes family. You can learn by day and night about the history of the town, or just learn how to enjoy life. This spring break, South Padre Island is the place to be: you can surf, golf, party all day, ride a horse, sky dive, take dolphin trips, and wind surf. With so much to do, this is the place to be during spring break.

South Padre, Texas

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