Students STAAR Score Preferred to be Deferred

The State Board of Education is planning to allow school districts to defer implementation of the statutory provision that requires performance on an end-of-course assessment to count as 15 percent of a student’s final course grade until next year. When the school board meets on February 27, they should seriously consider this change.

One reason to implement this change the students a year to familiarize themselves with the STAAR. They can always make up for the bad grade in the first year with higher test scores in the proceeding years.

Another reason to change is because of the pressure these tests put on kids. The law still requires students entering ninth grade to achieve a cumulative score in their end-of-course exams.

Some might say that the implementation shouldn’t be deferred , because ninth graders of the following year will request more time as well. However, waiting a year gives both the students and teachers time to prepare for the new, unfamiliar STAAR exam.

Deferring the E.O.C. from counting as a portion of the student’s final grade should be seriously considered at the next school board meeting. Giving students a year to prepare for the new, difficult test will help them score higher in the future.

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