‘Switched’ At Birth: Ebook Becomes Young Adult Hit

The first novel in the Trylle series remains interesting, even though the first book in the series is more of a prelude to its more adventurous predecessor Torn.

Cover art of "Switched" by Amanda Hocking

This book is well-written overall, but odd syntax appears throughout. For one, the author uses the letter “I” too much. Although the story is written in first person narrative, this excessive use becomes unneccesary at times. The use of the word “foxy,” by the narrator to describe her love interest is an awkward anachronism.

The narrator’s feelings are conveyed well, but the reoccuring theme makes the reader want the protagonist to choose between a love interest (the options being tracker Finn or prince Tove) and just kiss him already. Another issue I have is that Wendy remains her spoiled, helpless self through the book since her powers aren’t honed until the next novel.

This book was written by self-publishing sensation Amanda Hocking. The book started off as an e-book, and after sales increased, the Trylle series sensation became a paperback best-seller. 

Personally, I can’t wait for Ascend, the final book in the trilogy, to release in May. Read the first chapter here  and discover the magic for yourself.

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