Nicki Minaj Returns In ‘Roman Reloaded’

“It all comes down to this/ I miss your morning kiss/ I won’t lie I’m feeling it.”

The cover art of "Roman Reloaded"

Nicki Minaj’s new album, Roman Reloaded has sparked millions of fans interest by her grueling lyrics and hypnotizing style.This album seems to aspire another wild adventure by Nicki.

I, for one, don’t like all of Nicki’s songs; however, this album does show some promise.

In the song “Right By My Side,” Nicki talks about her love for a certain man and how without him she’s not “living.” Accompanied by Chris Brown, his excerpt in her song follows hers in suggesting he can’t live without “her” and the combination together makes any heart melt.

I suggest this album to anyone looking for something “outside of the box,” to sort of speak. I think it’s Nicki’s best album yet.

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