Team Up for Track and Field Day

Track and Field Day will start April 23, and you will need a team of at least 10 people. You must also have at least two members of the opposite gender, and each team must have a captain.

The team name must be school appropiate. There  will be a contest for T-shirt design, and the top three shirts will recieve prizes.(The shirts must be school appropriate, so run it by Mrs. Kosmo or Ms. Fowler first.)

Your permission slips will be given out by your English teachers on March 30, and they must be signed by April 28 and given to Mrs. Kosmo in room M-319.

At field day, you’ll be able to play Hamster Balls, Booger Wars, Angry Birds and many other games. Also, the top four teams will compete at the end in a relay to decide the winner.

Team information must be returned to Mrs. Kosmo in room M-319 by April 16. If you have any other questions, ask Mrs. Kosmo in room M-319.

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