Making Art Special

Allowing Special Ed students to erase the ‘dis-‘ from ‘disabled,’ art stands as universal and does wonders for all. Visual arts helps further students’ intellectual and social development.

Special Education assistant Becky Hutchinson said, “We do a lot of coloring, drawing, and painting. It’s amazing how expressive they can be in their work.”

I grinned when student Destiny Antu stated in excitement of the subject, “I really like art. My favorite is painting flowers.” We shared an interest. Doodling flowers had been my past time for as long as I could remember.

Sunflowers are my favorite to draw and when I asked Destiny her’s, she replied, “I like the big yellow ones.”

From that very moment, I felt no different from the girl with big brown eyes who mixed up her last name with her middle and laughed about it afterwards. While a student walks through the basement excited for their art class, a student upstairs in the Special Ed hall is feeling the same.

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