Peace Festival? I Thought It Was Culture Fair!

Regardless of the name, Culture Fair is a week-long celebration of cultural fun for the entire Lee community.

On Monday we’ll the movie Blue Box playing in computer lab 111 in the ISA Building

Tuesday we’ll have traditional games from different parts of the world. This happens in the Red Courtyard during 5th and 6th lunch.

Wednesday, there will be a live Skype Chat with Shilpa Reddy. She is the winner of 2004 Gladrag’s Mrs. India contest. She is a renowned model from Hyderabad, India who also featured in the Kingfisher Calendar. She is a fitness expert and also a fashion designer. The chat will be in the Sergiovanni Room during 5th and 6th lunch

Thursday, there will be a poetry slam during both 5th and 6th lunch. No one will be turned away, please come and share to your hearts content!

Friday is ISA’s Annual Culture Fair, renamed as the Community Peace Festival. The ISA advisories will be getting together to showcase a number of different countries history, culture, and most importantly food. This will be in the Red Courtyard from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

Hope to see you there for every exciting event!

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