UPDATE: Prom Themes, What’s Up With That?

ISA has always prided themselves on letting the students decide when it comes to their prom. This year we have three different prom themes up for grabs.

The first, and my personal favorite, is The Roaring Twenties. Seeing as the Juniors are so well acquainted with F. Scott Fitzgerald and the 20’s, it will be a classy, timeless and glamourous night to remember. Flapper dresses and feathers will be accepted. I also feel that this will be the most well recieved theme for prom, as well as very fun do decorate, and great for pictures. However, one con could be that it can be done whenever and repeated. It’s not a very unique prom theme, but that does not bother me in the least.

The second theme idea is called Crystal Night, and is based of the idea of the Yule Ball from Harry Potter. A very black tie only kind of night with glass and sparking crystal adorning the tables, and walls. When Miguel Guevara heard this theme, he asked if it was alright for him to dust off his SS uniform, but really they want the night to be black and crystal. As much fun as that sounds, I’d prefer not.

The third choice up for option is called Teenage Dream. I, however, have come to call it Katy Perry’s Candyland. This is because it has been proposed to look like the video for California Girls. It will be bright and colorful. With candy canes, and gummy bears. Meanwhile, I think that the dress code will have to be enforced more than usual, with taking fashion ideas from Katy Perry.

Which ever theme you choose, pick what you would want to see, or what you would want to remember. But most of all, pick soon!


UPDATE: The theme that won the vote was Crystal Night. I’m not looking forward to it however. They renamed it to be Crystal Royale, how this relates to the idea of the Yule Ball, but prom is prom and I am looking forward to going!

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