Tattoo Madness: Express Yourself

“It’s hard to look authentically rebellious or menacing these days, when even…college students destined for quiet suburban lives have body piercings and tattoos.” New York Times.

Samantha Reyes shows off her tattoos.

Almost everyone has at least one tattoo. According to a post recently done by New York Times, “16 percent of all adults and 36 percent of people 25 to 29 have at least one tattoo… 57 percent of all teenagers have at least one tattoo.”

The method of acquiring tattoos ranges from symbolic arts to random drunk “let’s get tattoos yo.” Varying from big and small, everyone has some form of bodily art.

What makes us young teens get tattoos? Is it for the pressure in fitting in with society that has tattoos? Or is it that we really went through some meaningful experience that we just don’t want to forget. Or could it be just for the love of being unique with your own story, a story you can share with the rest of society?

I have 24 tattoos. Of these tattoos a half sleeve, but still 24 tattoos. I began getting mine when I was thirteen years old. Getting three my first session I became addicted really fast. And now here we are.

In my opinion, tattoos are an example of self expression. Self growth, to show you where you were when you first got it, to where you are present day.

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