ISA Makes Mini-Courses

What’s Mini Course, you ask? This is the amazing opportunity that is given to ISA students of all grades. For one to two weeks  (depending on time) instead of taking a regular English class, the kids at ISA take a mini course, or a small course in place of their English class that is lead by either a teacher or a senior.

There were many different classes all with different topics. The mini-course that I chose was called The British Invasion. It was an overview, past and present, of British pop culture. We talked about topics such as literature to the music that we had grown up with, and never known was British.

Seniors, Renae Salem and Jan Ross Piedad, our fearless leaders, kept our attention for about a week and even made us a super cool WEBSITE. This was a great week, and Mini Course is one of those things to look forward to when going to ISA.

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