You’re A Junior, Going on Senior

So us Juniors have been in high school for three whole years now (feels more like an eternity), and we’ve come along way. Now we’re finally approaching our senior year!

I’m pretty sure it has not been easy for any of us. We have all experienced some kind of something-whether it’s a first love or a first heartbreak, finding ourselves or losing ourselves. Getting in a fight with your best friend, or gaining a new best friend. Studying hard, or hardly studying; It’s all happened here in high school.

And it’s been one heck of a ride. But it has been worth it. We are finally going to be the “Big Kids” on campus, and we have to make this year the best. This is our time to shine, class of 2013. 

However, this means we also have start buckling down, and taking even more responsibility. After all, being a senior doesn’t mean we are done with High School, but we are very close. So my junior classmates, be prepared for graduation next year. And be safe and responsible during the summer. You’ve made it this far, so please guys, be careful.

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