Why Am I Still Single?


Lately I’ve been seeing plenty of cute happy couples. I started to cry, which is odd, considering I’m not an emotional female, and thought to myself…Why am I still single?

An image of two young teenagers in a relationship.

I mean some people tell me I’m “beautiful,” “cute,” “amazing,” and blah, blah, blah. Or  that, “I’d make a lucky guy very happy,” yet I’m still sailing on the single’s boat.

Why is it that some beautiful girls are still single? I wonder if it’s because I’m internally ugly (a bit outwardly as well), or because I’m just not as effectionate as other girls around me? Could it be my standards? That I place them to high?

Maybe it’s just because deep down, I wasn’t cut out for a boyfriend.

If that’s the case, then I’m screwed because I wish someone would text me first and actually want to have a conversation with me. Or that they’d want to hold my hand around a crowd of other pretty girls and his friends and stand tall along with me.  I want someone to accept the fact that I will never be skinny, long haired, perfect family, cute little everything the way others are.

I’m hoping for a guy who will accept every flaw I have; will accept the fact that I have issues and is willing to work around them with me to make me a better person. He doesn’t have to be willing to stay by my side forever he coud be around just because he wants to see another happy girl in the world.

I bet the guy that’s meant for me (if that’s even true) will pass right by me and I’d only be another girl in this big world.

But the emotional girl inside sometimes wishes he’d come by, so I could have that fairy tale ending too…

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