Please, Let’s Not Fight Today


“Before marriage, many couples are very much like people rushing to catch an airplane; once aboard, they turn into passengers. They just sit there.” – Paul Getty.



Once you become “boyfriend-and-girlfriend” with someone you have then a certain responsibility to that person. A responsibility to make sure that they’re happy, comfortable, taken care of, and of course loved. Initially when couples get together they mostly only think about the needs THEY need, not what that person may need or want, which is probably why they ended up in the relationship in the first place. For themselves.

Once with that person making sure their happy is the only thing you should worry about. Why? Well because hopefully you really do like them. Almost anything they do just makes you smile, and because it does for whatever reason you want it again and again due to the fact you’re not normally like that, but somehow couples don’t seem to remember that fact.

Couples fight over whose talking to who, whose going where without whom, why they aren’t talking to them, etc. Which is something that could easily be avoided.

You have to remember that when you are with someone you lose the right to make a decision without it affecting them. They become invited in to your everyday schedule, and because you made time before for them it becomes a habit for that person to be so involved. Once they’re not, they become threatened and jealous and suspicious that things may be going on. You just can’t stop.

It’s something you can’t avoid as much as you may want to. You CHOSE to have that person join your life. To be a part. You wanted that dream person, you chose to be exactly where you placed yourself, in happiness… Remember?

So instead of arguing today, think about WHY you got with them in the first place. Please, let’s not fight today.

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