What Makes Me Want You?

What is it about someone that attracts you to them? Is it because there are commonalities between the two people? Could it be he/she is different? They things to please themselves instead of worrying about the opinion of others? Maybe because they’re smart, funny, unique?

I know when I meet someone what attracts me to them is the fact they’re independent; they’re focused on school and work; they’re concerned and worried about their future; they don’t just live for the moment. (#YOLO)

Maybe it’s because they’re responsible for themselves and don’t need or like someone doing things for them or they are involved in a sport (football preferred) and do things outdoors or someone who wants to travel to see the world and make his mark in his part of the world.

Attraction is a characteristic or quality that provides pleasure, according to the dictionary. com. So what is it about a certain someone that attracts you to them? Are you willing to change or lower your standards of attraction for a certain person? And if so what do you think will happen if you do? Do you get the same result, or is it somehow better because you actually allowed yourself to like a living human instead of a fantasy person you may never meet?

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