New Year, New Rules; An Opinion

This new school year began some what strict on dress code, cellphones, earbuds and hats.

All administrators have been working hard to keep everyone in dress code. They began with several days of powerpoints during the first week of advisories to train and remind all students of the rules.

However, like always, some students will not listen just because they just won’t. Others will know the rules and knowingly break them.

Unless all teachers and administrators enforce these rules, they will have a hard time working. They won’t be followed by some students just because they feel like it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t apply to them or just because they don’t care.

In the last few days I’ve seen some students not following dress code, and they did not having any consequences at all.

Maybe dress code in high school will never be truly followed because some high school students don’t care about school at all and still come, ignoring too many rules. The rest, those who care about school, need to care about the rules and follow them, or enforce them, whatever their job may be.


For any questions you may have or if you want to see the dress code follow this link

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