First Pep Rally Scheduled

New Lee Cheerleading Sponsor Katrice Collazo announced the five-inschool and one after school pep rallies for the year.

Tomorrow they will look to “Ice the Huskies” as the Vols take on Holmes. The rally will be from 3:40 to 4:50 p.m.

Other pep rallies are:

Sept. 21     3:40    p.m.      Lee vs. Jefferson      “Rope the Mustangs”

Sept. 28     3:40 p.m.         Lee vs. Roosevelt    “Roll Over the Riders”

Oct.  19       3:40 p.m.         Lee vs. Madison “Mavs We’re Your Worst Nightmare”

Oct. 24         7 p.m.               Lee vs. MacArthur    Lee-esta “Vols Unite”

Nov. 9        3:40                   Lee vs. Churchill       “Sail Away Seniors”


Tomorrow is the first with the “Ice the Huskies” rally.  The Vols take on Holmes Friday at 7 p.m.

Other pep rallies scheduled are:

September 21     3:40-4:05            Lee vs. Jefferson  “Rope the Mustangs”

September 28     3:40-4:05           Lee vs. Roosevelt  “Roll Over the Riders”

October 19          3:40-4:05            Lee vs. Madison “Mavs We’re Your Worst Nightmare”

October 24              7 p.m.               Lee vs. MacArthur   Lee-esta “Vols Unite”

November 9        3:40 Lee vs. Churchill

“Sail Away Seniors”


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