Incident on Campus Sparks Letter from Principal

An incident on campus Sept. 13 led the school administrators and district police to evacuate the main building after school. A teacher found a note at the end of school that concerned NEISD officials and they investigated in thoroughly, finding nothing.

Here is the letter Sent by Principal Rick Canales:

“Dear Parents/Guardians:
I am emailing this letter to inform you about an incident that occurred at our campus late Thursday afternoon just before dismissal.
Lee staff found a written note on the floor alleging a bomb threat. We treated this threat seriously and immediately took action. We contacted the North East Police Department and administration secured the school. NEPD conducted a search of the building and bomb squad K9 officers from the San Antonio Police Department also assisted. Nothing suspicious was found. NEPD Chief Castaneda authorized an additional Officer to secure the building overnight.
Two students have admitted to writing the note as a joke and they are being appropriately handled.
Our staff did an excellent job following district procedures, and our students were not in danger at anytime.
This incident serves as a good reminder to talk to your student about the consequences of inappropriate pranks. Any and all threats must be taken seriously and there will be consequences.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the school at 356 -0800.


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