ISA Celebrates Diez y Seis with Style

Shouts of “VIVA!” and red, white, and green flags filled the Lee auditorium on Friday, September 14.

It was ISA’s annual celebration put on by Spanish Honor Society to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day. Classes from both ISA and Lee were invited to the assembly, and it was a chance to  help form a sense of community between the schools.

The ceremony kicked off with Lee ROTC presenting the colors and the pledge of allegiance recited in both English and Spanish. Spanish Honor Society officers (Ellie Persellian, María Luna, Ciara Moreno, and María Guerra) helped introduce special guests and performances.

Students were then treated to a special dance composed by ISA students Nellie Rose Spener and María Reyes López.  Later, a quick speech by Mr. Enrique Romero gave the background of Diez y Seis and gave students a sense of pride.

Next, ISA teachers and a student helped the celebratory mood by singing and playing a few songs with instruments including a tamborine and guitar.

Towards the end of the ceremony was the most anticipated moment of the morning: the crowning of the king and queen of the Diez y Seis celebration.

Mr. Garcia (Dean of Math and Science) and Ms. Stewart (Freshmen World Geography)  were the winners and were awarded with crowns and sashes.

At the end the ceremony, all teachers were asked to come on stage to dance while the students filed out of the auditorium.

Señora Galán when she said that this year’s Diez y Seis celebration was, “one of the best assemblies ever, due especially to the hardwork of Spanish Honor Society.”

The “Dancing Heads” brought excitement to the celebration!

Mr. Enrique Romero, a Representative from the Mexican Consulate

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