Outsiders Film Festival Brings Crowd


By  Ysabel Escobedo & Taylor Tolentino 

Last night’s Film Festival brought in many students from Lee and other schools.

Once the screenings began the students were quite thrilled to see what was in store for them.

Genres from Fiction, Non-Fiction,Experimental, and PSA (Public Service Announcements) had been entered.

Some films had feelings of mystery and were filled with emotion, while others had given off a feeling of sympathy, joy, and fearfulness.

Applause and screams congratulated the over all winner, Daniel Panchevre, whose video “Feeling the Drift” was about the dangers of drifting won the Non-fiction  category. Panchevre created his video at Say Si.

Although some of the contestants hadn’t shown up, their videos were still awarded.

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  2. keith 43 years ago
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