Organization of the Week: Rebel Rousers / Dixie Drillers

Rebel Rousers and Dixie Drillers require dedication, responsibility, good morals and respect, which is why we have chosen them as the organization of the week. You can see them perform at  the pep rally during school this Friday and at the football game Friday evening.

They are hosing Lee-esta next month and are asking all those interested in participating, by having a booth or by walking in the parade, to contact them.

Some of the up coming events are the NEISD District Show which is January 26-27, the Competition Parent Show-Off February 28, Lee-ette Spring Show at 7 p.m. on May 17 and on the 18th as well at 2 p.m.


Rebel Rousers:

Co-Colonel: Brittnay Colunga

Co-Colonel: Destiny Trujillo

Lt. Colonel: Katie Canales

Lieutenant: Ivonn Garcia


Dixie Drillers:

Major: Maria Reyess

Sgt. Major: Tina Alanis

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