Milton Lima Shocks Stadium with Example

Milton Lima sings the school song after the Holmes 1-point loss.

by Ebony and Enrico

Using his faith to bring two teams together, Senior Milton Lima, varsity football captain, shocked the entire stadium at the Holmes football game.

On September 7, the football team came together with the Holmes team to pray for an injured player (Daniel Ochoa, an injured Holmes player).

On a play, Ochoa fell hard and injured his ankle. The typical reaction is quiet from the crowd and the players kneeling on the field and sidelines. As the Lee team gathered to pray, Milton urged them to instead join the opposing team at the center of the field for a quick prayer.

Holmes and Lee players pray at the center of the field after a Holmes injury.

Milton with his great leadership skills and faith in prayer decided to bring together two opposing teams. As they prayed, others looked upon them suprised and confused to see that he and the rest of the varsity football team were in a position of prayer. Milton said he thinks anyone in his situation would have wanted the best for the injured person.

Milton has a very religious background and is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He helps influence other athletes and coaches to follow the path of Jesus Christ. The FCA believes that athletes with Jesus in their lives will increase their athletic ability also their every day lives. Milton’s participation in this fellowship creates a better relationship with both his coaches and his fellow teammates.

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